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Read Carefully

It is our aim to help both young and old drivers adopt defensive driving techniques in order to become responsible drivers and be courteous towards other road users.

The mission of Smart Driving Academy School is to provide a quality traffic safety education program in a welcoming and professional environment for all students. To accomplish this we need both students (and parents/guardians) to adhere to our school polices. These policies are designed to help the student and their parents/guardians understand their responsibilities and the responsibilities of the Driving School.

Additional information and clarifications will be given during the class. Thank you for your business and we hope you will enjoy our satisfactory services.

Online Course Overview

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, We are offering ONLINE ONLY Driver Education Program (DEP) Courses in compliance with the Maryland Department of Transportation: Motor Vehicle Administration. The class will be conducted through our Zoom Virtual Classroom Certification Course.*

The program is as Follows:

  1. Virtual Classroom Instruction via Zoom Video Conferencing Monday-Friday.
  2. Module of 10 Quizzes throughout the duration of the Session.
  3. A Final Exam to complete the Course.
  4. The Course will be available for 4 weeks beginning on the first day of the course.
    1. Two Weeks for the Course Lessons and Quizzes
    2. Additional 2 Weeks after for Final Exam Retakes.
  5. This course includes thirty (30) hours of classroom and six (6) hours of driving.
  6. The six (6) hours behind the wheel will follow after the completion of the 30 hours of classroom.
  7. The six hours must be scheduled in person in order to facilitate some paperwork.

In order to participate you will need to do the following.

  1. Register with
  2. Purchase the Session you are interested in.
  3. Participate in every virtual class throughout the duration**
  4. Complete the Unit Quizzes
    a. You have 20 minutes to complete each quiz.
    b. 80% passing grade for each quiz.
  5. Complete the Final Exam successfully.
    a. Successful completion of the course will be assessed by your performance in the final exam.
    b. You have 60 minutes to complete the final exam.
    c. 80% passing grade is required.
    d. The first retake of the final exam on the next business day is allowed.
    e. You must complete all 3 attempts within 2 week (14 days) after the final Session Day.
  6.  Failing the final exam 3 times will require a $25 fee for additional Retakes

*Students must have a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a speaker/mic and built-in camera, web camera or attached camera.

**A student may be removed from our online course if they are absent from any of the Zoom meetings and may be required to retake the course in its entirety in the next session. If a student anticipates missing a particular sessions then they must contact the school prior to the class with an appropriate excuse. At that point the instructor and the school will use their discretion to determine the appropriate course of action.